There are 3 bands called Leave 1)Leave is an acoustic pop/rock band Inspired by bands such as Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer and David Gray. 2)A Belgian Rockband, the band members are : Cédric Daelman, Ewoud Ceulemans and WIliam Thomé. Leave. was born in 2006 when William Thomé (drums) and Ewoud Ceulemans (bass) started jamming together for fun. The idea of starting a band grew, and Cédric Daelman, a school mate of Ewouds, joined the band to sing and play guitar. Being a cover band (Blink-182, Alkaline Trio and other punk), the band then known as Crossfire played their first gig at the Pulhof Freepodium, followed by a show at VTIK. The following summer, Crossfire began to write some own songs, including 'Make It Happen'. And one year after their first show, they revisited the Pulhof Freepodium with two own songs, a new guitar player, Mike van der Velden, and a new name: Starcast Avenue. Starcast Avenue kept writing songs, but unfortunately Mike left the band. The name 'Starcast Avenue' also turned into 'Leave.' after being accused of adapting 'Starcast Avenue' from Sunrise Avenue, a pop band. They finished another two songs and recorded four songs at SputnikStudio, Schoten. These songs are available on their first demo: 'Time Has Lost Its Way.' 3) Leave were an all-girl dark pop band from the early 90's Osijek 4) Leave is a Melodic Hardcore band from Bandung Indonesia. Read more...

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