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Radio Screamer
Wednesday, 06 April 2011


altRadio Screamer broadcasts from Los Angeles every Wednesday from 2pm - 3pm PST. If you fail to catch the show during it's live streaming time, no worries because each program is saved on the Radio Screamer website as a podcast and can be accessed at your convenience. Take time to check out one of his great 80's Rock programs today!

Radio Screamer is keeping 80s metal molten hot and shrapnel sharp in the 21st century. A one-hour music program hosted by David Castagno, Publisher/Editor of L.A.’s renowned Screamer Magazine, Radio Screamer showcases the music that defined an era, exploded into a cultural phenomenon, and has become a permanent part of the music scene.

Radio Screamer features 80s and early 90s headbanging favorites and interviews with the bands that cranked them out. Listeners especially love Castagno's entertaining and impassioned personal stories describing firsthand experiences with the bands that rocked the 80s. His accounts of L.A.'s metal scene and lifestyle paint a vivid picture of a wild and exciting era when bands like Motley Crue, Poison and Warrant dominated the Sunset Strip.

Click here to check out Radio Screamer LIVE every Wednesday at 2:00 pm PST, for more info, to listen to show archives, and more!


Your tribute to Jani Lane to open up the show was VERY touching, classy and appropriate. Your interview with John Corabi, the insight that he offered on every aspect of his career and how he walked us through it was so entertaining and so cool. What a SUPER nice, genuine and intelligent dude. I've got my buddy Sean who you (sort of) know as well as my new chick listening to your podcast with me every week and needless to say Dave, we truly appreciate what you do. Thank-you for representing. Rock and roll, my friend.
Last replied by Chet on Sunday, 21 August 2011
Hi Dave,
I just listened to your intro tribute to Jani-it touched my heart- you spoke for all of us who can't put our feelings into words it was so heart felt- what a wonderful tribute to Jani. I never had the chance to have ever seen him in concert, but I have always felt a connection with him, maybe being born on the same day and year might have something to with it, but more than that his music, his words, are what made me feel a connection with him.I too can't seem to get his death out of my mind , time does diminish this but for every time I hear a Warrant song his memory will arise again. Thank-you Jani for the gift you gave your fans..
Thanks Dave for the tribute..
971 days ago