80's Rock: Jackyl

jackylJackyl is an American rock band formed in 1990. Their sound has been described as hard rock, heavy metal, Southern rock, and glam metal.

The band is probably best-known for its songs "Down On Me", and "The Lumberjack," which features a chainsaw solo by lead singer Jesse James Dupree. Dupree would rev the chainsaw's engine or use the chain brake to slow the engine down to keep the beat. He would also perform this stunt live and the number would climax with Dupree slicing up a wooden stool onstage, smashing it, and throwing the sliced pieces out to the crowd. He once had been asked, "How the hell can you play a chainsaw?" to which he responded, "How the hell can you not play a chainsaw?"

jackyl_band_1In 1992, Jackyl's self-titled debut album was released under Geffen Records and eventually went platinum. It features a song entitled "She Loves My Cock," which was omitted from edited versions as was suggestive element on the album's cover art. When a K-Mart in Georgia refused to sell Jackyl, the band played an impromptu concert in front of the store. Footage of the event was used for the music video of their single "I Stand Alone."

A sophomore album would develop in 1994's Push Comes to Shove. That year, the band appeared at Woodstock '94 in Saugerties, New York.

Jackyl released Cut the Crap in 1997. Its hit song "Locked and Loaded" featured guest vocals from AC/DC's Brian Johnson. Johnson would also team up with the band for their 2002 album Relentless.

The band's first greatest hits album arrived in 1998's Choice Cuts. Later that year, Stayin' Alive hit store shelves. However, while recognized as Jackyl's fourth studio album, of the eleven tracks, the album features three cover songs and three live versions of previously released songs.

In 2000, lead singer Jesse James Dupree recorded a solo album entitled Foot Fetish.

jackyl_band_2Less than a month after the events of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Jackyl recorded and released "Open Invitation," which received wide airplay and featured lyrics that included, "I hate you bin Laden" and "You've got an open invitation to kiss our ass." The song mixes in clips from George C. Scott's portrayal of George S. Patton giving a speech to his soldiers in the movie Patton and President George W. Bush reading from the Bible's Shepherd's Psalm Psalm 23:4. The band explained their song and lyrics as: "This song is written in the key of 'ANGER' that such a thing can happen in this country. It's not directed toward any religious group or race of people. It is directed toward those 'assholes' responsible."

In 2002, Jackyl released Relentless and took part in the Rock Never Stops Tour. The following year, a second greatest hits compilation was produced entitled 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Jackyl.

Dupree appeared on an episode of The New Tom Green Show in which he attacked Green's desk with a chainsaw, writing the word "Tom" across the front. Green became extremely irate, and later, during a musical performance in which Green backed Dupree on the drums, he abandoned the song halfway through, saying Dupree was a "dork".

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