80's Rock: King Kobra

king_kobraKing Kobra was a glam metal group founded by drummer Carmine Appice after his tenure with Ozzy Osbourne in 1984. The band during the time of their first two albums included four relatively unknown musicians: vocalist Mark Free, guitarist David Michael-Philips, guitarist Mick Sweda, and bassist Johnny Rod. After 2 albums on Capitol records (Ready to Strike - November 9, 1985 and Thrill of a Lifetime - 1986), Appice decided to dissolve the band and join guitarist John Sykes on his Blue Murder project in 1989.

Ready to Strike is the first album by the band King Kobra. It was released, along with at least a dozen other metal albums on November 9, 1985. king_kobra_1

It's single "Hunger" was written by members of the Canadian metal band Kick Axe and was released by them in 1986. On the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack album, they were under the made-up name of Spectre General.

King Kobra III, released in 1988 on New Renaissance Records, was the first and last album by the Edwards, Michael-Phillips, Northrup, Hart and Appice line-up of King Kobra. The album featured a strong selection of 1980s style mainstream metal. However, a lack of album sales resulted in the dissolution of the band.

Courtesy of wikipedia.org and Hair Band Rock - 80's Rock

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