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"There was never a doubt from moment one in Gene and Paul, in their minds, that they were going to do this, they were going to do it this way and they were going to be Kiss," Wise tells Kiss FAQ. "Ace and Peter had no focus. They were hired hands as far as I was concerned. I knew they auditioned for the band — and the band was Gene and Paul, period."

Wise says that during the time he worked with the band, it was always clear that Simmons and Stanley were the dominant forces not just in business, but musically. "Ace, I understood exactly what he was doing. He listened to [Jimmy] Page and [Eric] Clapton and all those guitarists that I listened to, so I understood him well," he notes, adding, "Peter was, at best, a poppy adequate drummer. But he was solid; he really didn't get in the way and laid down the proper fundamental beat."

He lauds Simmons' melodic bass playing and Stanley's mic technique and rhythm playing, saying, "They had, right out of the box, good technique. They worked well together. I worked well with them . . . and I think it was very organic and real."

But he doesn't entirely discount Frehley and Criss' contributions to Kiss. "Could those characters have been created with another drummer and guitar player? Yes, if you got another guitarist and drummer that bought into what Kiss was selling — the makeup, the stage show, the whole thing," he states. "But those guys were perfect for it."

Criss recently suggested that the current Kiss lineup — featuring guitarist Tommy Thayer in Frehley's makeup and drummer Eric Singer in Criss' old slot — is just a tribute to the original band. "Although Gene and Paul are the major members in the band, Eric and Tommy, to them, it's a job," he told Eddie Trunk (quote via Classic Rock magazine). "He's playing Ace Frehley licks to a tee; Eric's playing my drum licks to a tee. They're still playing the same songs that we made famous."

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Former Krokus Drummer Dani Crivelli Dies http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1895-former-krokus-drummer-dani-crivelli-dies.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1895-former-krokus-drummer-dani-crivelli-dies.html krokus 4Drummer Dani Crivelli, who played with the Swiss metal band Krokus from 1987-1989, has passed away. The band revealed his death in a statement on their web site on Sunday (April 21).

Crivelli played in a band called Ain't Dead Yet with fellow Krokus members Many Maurer and Tony Castell before joining Krokus in 1987.

The drummer performed on the 'Heart Attack' album in 1988, then embarked on a tour with the group that included North America. Directly after the tour that lineup of Krokus split, with Marc Storace and Fernando Von Arb leaving, while Crivelli participated in a new lineup that was short-lived and produced no new material.

The group's statement reads:

We are saddened to report to you that our ex-Krokus drummer Dani Crivelli passed away. Our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

Also a native of Solothurn, Switzerland, Dani (far left) joined KROKUS in 1987, replacing Jeff Klaven. You can listen to him on the band's 1988 HEART ATTACK release that included KROKUS staples like "Rock'n'Roll Tonight" and "Wild Love". He always kept in contact with the band over the years. We liked his straight forward, but true words about music and life. He will be missed but will keep on drumming in Rock'n'Roll heaven!

No cause of death has been announced.

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Van Halen Perform First Show of 2013 in Sydney http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1894-van-halen-perform-first-show-of-2013-in-sydney.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1894-van-halen-perform-first-show-of-2013-in-sydney.html van halen 14It's not just Black Sabbath who are opening up their touring season along the Tasman Sea. At the same time earlier today (April 20) that the metal giants were playing in Auckland, New Zealand, Van Halen began their concert schedule of 2013 at the Stone Music Festival, which is being held at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia.

According to Van Halen News Desk, the band played a 90-minute, 20-song set, which included solo turns by both Alex and Eddie Van Halen. While that may seem on the short side, keep in mind that it was a festival headlining slot, and their set was preceded by Aerosmith.

As if possibly to hint at the idea that Van Halen are a band rather than four individuals, the group – a first for them – wore matching outfits, which consisted of a white shirt and black vest and pants. That said, the video of the encore of 'Jump' (embedded below along with the opener, 'Unchained') sees that David Lee Roth changed outfits at some point during the night.

VHND suspects that, for their four shows in Japan in June and Wisconsin's Rock USA Festival on July 20, the band will likely add about four more songs, which includes a couple of deep tracks.

Van Halen Setlist — ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, April 20, 2013

1. 'Unchained'
2. 'Runnin' with the Devil'
3. 'She's The Woman'
4. 'Romeo Delight'
5. 'Tattoo'
6. 'Everybody Wants Some!!'
7. 'Somebody Get Me A Doctor'
8. 'China Town'
9. '(Oh) Pretty Woman'
10. Drum Solo
11. 'You Really Got Me'
12. 'Dance the Night Away'
13. 'I'll Wait'
14. 'Hot For Teacher'
15. 'Beautiful Girls'
16. 'Ice Cream Man'
17. 'Panama'
18. Guitar Solo
19. 'Aint' Talkin' 'Bout Love'
20. 'Jump'

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Slash 'Speechless' at Video of 7 Year Old Guitarist (Video) http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1893-slash-speechless-at-video-of-7-year-old-guitarist-video.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1893-slash-speechless-at-video-of-7-year-old-guitarist-video.html slash 4We have a new addition to our growing collection of 'Really Talented Little Kids Playing Classic Rock' videos. Earlier this month we saw a six-year-old drumming along to Van Halen's 'Hot for Teacher.' and now we have a seven-year-old girl playing Slash's guitar part on Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child O' Mine.'

The video was brought to our attention by, of all people, Slash, who got it from Leslie West of Mountain. "So cool. I'm speechless," the guitarist tweeted, while forwarding a link to an MSN piece about the girl. Her name is Zoe Thomson, and the clip was recorded three years ago, when she was only seven, but only posted on April 11. She is currently serving as the lead guitarist in a group called the Mini Band, which is comprised of similarly aged prodigies.

Thomson, now 10, has already become a bit of a sensation in her native UK, where last year she was the subject of a news story (embedded below) that featured members of Metallica praising the Mini Band while watching them play.

You can see more of Thomson's videos on her YouTube channel.


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Van Halen to Begin Work on New Album http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1892-van-halen-to-begin-work-on-new-album.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1892-van-halen-to-begin-work-on-new-album.html van halen 18David Lee Roth confirms Van Halen will begin work this summer for a follow up to 2012′s 'A Different Kind of Truth,' but cautions not to expect a studio effort anytime soon — maybe not for as long as three years.

"We are going to be getting together, not this month, at the end of June to start preparing for some new recording and some new songs," Roth tells FasterLouder.

Those sessions will precede a return to the road for Van Halen, which has November dates set in Japan. 'Truth' saw the group release its first full-length studio effort with Roth as frontman since 1984, but the supporting tour was subsequently derailed because of health issues for Eddie Van Halen.

Even with the guitarist healed up, however, Roth says fans can expect a lengthy gestation period for this promised new material. Quality, he adds, takes time.

"We plan ahead by about two-and-a-half years in advance, which sounds extravagant," Roth says, "(but) from the time you go, 'Let's start to write some songs,' until all of the machines of production and humanity kick in, things move achingly slow — achingly slow. Especially if you are art-centric, if you want something to last, it's going to take a long time to put it all together. Quick up is quick down. We know about one-hit-wonders and we know about fast, but it's about three years, it takes about three years."

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Rush Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1891-rush-inducted-into-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1891-rush-inducted-into-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame.html rush hall of fameWell, it finally happened, Rush fans — the legendary Canadian power trio is finally, officially, ensconced in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Dave Grohl may have phrased it best in his induction speech for the band, when he asked the audience in mock puzzlement: "When the f— did Rush become cool?"

Of course, as Grohl quickly acknowledged, for the millions who have eagerly absorbed each of the band's albums and turned out in droves for their tours, Rush has always been cool — but they were in their glory last night (April 18), when they took the stage at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre to accept one of rock's greatest honors and cement what Grohl referred to as the "legacy ... of a band that stayed true to themselves."

Drummer Neil Peart referenced the group's long wait for induction in his speech, admitting, "We've been saying for a long time that this wasn't that big a deal. Turns out, it truly is a big deal."

It was a sentiment heartily echoed by the Rush fans in attendance, who reportedly outnumbered (and drowned out) everyone else in the building — and while such aggressive outbursts might not be entirely in keeping with the droll, self-effacing humor the band is known for, they weren't entirely unexpected after all those years of disappointment. Geddy Lee acknowledged as much in his acceptance speech when he told the crowd, "On behalf of my two partners I have to thank the most passionate, most dedicated fan base in the world."

So here's to you, Rush fans — and congratulations to the members of the band for their long-awaited, and richly deserved, honor.

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Heart Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1890-heart-inducted-into-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1890-heart-inducted-into-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame.html heart hall of fameAfter 40 years and 30 million albums sold worldwide, the members of Heart were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night (April 18) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The Hall made the honor official in a typically star-studded ceremony featuring appearances and performances by some of rock's biggest artists — including the members of Heart, who delivered a brief set with the original lineup that treated attendees to live versions of their classic hits 'Crazy on You,' 'Dreamboat Annie,' and 'Barracuda.' The full ceremony will be broadcast by HBO on May 18.

Guitarist and singer Nancy Wilson, who joined the band with her sister Ann in the early '70s, told the audience that "We're not finished rocking just yet" — appropriate given that Heart's currently enjoying a renaissance, having recently released a box set, a memoir, and the new hit album 'Fanatic.'

The band was inducted by fellow Seattle legend Chris Cornell, who shared the tale of how, when he was a struggling young musician driving a "$500 Galaxy," he was inspired to double down on the pursuit of his dream by the sight of a Wilson sister leaving a recording studio. (Cornell also joined the Wilson sisters backstage at the event for a video interview, embedded above.)

We here at UCR couldn't be happier for Heart, and look forward to the next phase of their career. For more on the group's induction, including photos from the ceremony, check their official Twitter feed.

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Vince Neil: 'It's Time for Motley Crue to Say Goodbye' http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1889-vince-neil-its-time-for-motley-crue-to-say-goodbye.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1889-vince-neil-its-time-for-motley-crue-to-say-goodbye.html motley crue vince neil 7Motley Crue's end is in sight. The group started publicly talking about hanging up their guitars for good early last month with Nikki Sixx providing come recent clarification on the group's decision to call it a day. Now, in a new interview, Vince Neil confirms what many of us already know.

"It's time, that's really it," Vince told the Toronto Sun. "Do you want to go out on top rather than fading away? And that's it. You know, I'll continue to sing Motley with my solo band and put out solo records and stuff and Nikki's got his radio show and [drummer] Tommy [Lee] wants to be a deejay, and so we'll see what happens."

Neil's recent interview doesn't necessarily share any shocking revelations but he is frank about the reasons why he believes it's time to quit. With more than 80 million records sold over the course of their career, Neil admits it will be a long goodbye of sorts. He says the group hopes to release a new record next year and will then spend the bulk of 2014 and 2015 on the road.

"We're going to put out some new music next year and then it's our farewell tour — we'll do the world one more time and then call it a day. Our farewell tour (will be like) 2014 or '15. Tours last about two years. So to finish the world, you've got to do the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia...it takes some time."

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Iron Maiden Drummer Nicko McBrain's Wife Accused of Assault http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1888-iron-maiden-drummer-nicko-mcbrains-wife-accused-of-assault.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1888-iron-maiden-drummer-nicko-mcbrains-wife-accused-of-assault.html iron maiden nicko mcbrain and wifeThe wife of Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain was arrested and charged with domestic battery earlier this year, and she'll have her date in court next month. Rebecca McBrain will face a judge on May 3 after being accused of trying to stab her husband*, and throw logs at him.

* 4/18 Update: The Boca News Now website, our original source, has altered its story to report that it is now unclear whether the man who was allegedly attacked is Nicko McBrain. The rest of this article has been updated to reflect this new information.

The couple live near Boca Raton, Fla., and the incident allegedly occurred at their home on Feb. 24, according to the Boca News Now. She was not successful in her stabbing attempt, but the logs caused minor injuries and she was arrested and booked at the Palm Beach County Jail.

Bravewords reports that the logs were sitting in a fire pit behind the home. The 50-year-old was released on $3,000 bond, and has entered a not guilty plea.

In the early 2000′s, the McBrains worked together to produce Rebecca's 'Voyager' album. Nicko produced the project and drummed on all tracks in addition to writing five of the eight songs. The couple is thought to have met in 1984 at the Button South in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Earlier this month, Iron Maiden announced seven Maiden England Tour dates in the United States.

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Former Uriah Heep Singer Joins Band on Tour http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1887-former-uriah-heep-singer-joins-band-on-tour.html http://hairbandrock.com/newsroom/1887-former-uriah-heep-singer-joins-band-on-tour.html uriah heep 1The bad news: Uriah Heep's current singer is dropping out of some upcoming tour dates because of health issues. The good news: One of the band's former singers is filling in for him while he recovers.

You wouldn't be alone in thinking that Uriah Heep have gone the way of dinosaurs. But fact is, the British metal pioneers are still around and still very much active, touring and recording. Their most recent album, 'Into the Wild,' has even been praised as one of the band's best of its long career.

But their collective vitality hasn't spared the aging group members — most of whom are well into their 60s — from their fair share of medical issues.

Earlier this year, bassist Trevor Bolder responded to rumors that his break from the band wasn't related to a heart attack but to pancreatic cancer. Now singer Bernie Shaw is being sidelined from Uriah Heep's upcoming May tour dates as he recuperates from an undisclosed routine medical procedure.

"To all the lifelong fans and followers of Uriah Heep, I'm afraid I'm being forced to step back from position of lead singer of one of the best damn rock 'n' roll bands on the live circuit today, albeit for just a couple of weeks rehabilitation, due to medical reasons," Shaw wrote on the band's official website.

"In order to fulfill contractual obligations, we came up with the idea of contacting John Lawton to ask if he would do the legacy proud, so to speak, and do the shows that I won't be able to do. He's got the history, and by God, he still has the voice! John and I will be sharing the same stage and singing together in San Javier, Spain, later on this summer. 'Till then, I feel I'm leaving you in very capable hands and a rare chance to see John singing songs from his era in this present lineup. I am most indebted to John and salute his passion."

The tour — which will visit the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland — will be tweaked to focus on Lawton's years with the band, 1976 through 1979, giving fans an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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