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Journey Documentary Film Debuts First Trailer

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Arnel Pinada isn't the first cover band singer who's been hired to replace the guy he sounds like — in fact, as former Judas Priest frontman Ripper Owens would be quick to point out, his story isn't even the first to inspire a movie. However, as the first trailer for the upcoming Journey documentary takes pains to argue, Pineda's tale might be the most inspiring.

After setting the...

David Lee Roth Wants Michael Anthony Back in Van Halen

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There's once again drama in the world of Van Halen, with singer David Lee Roth complaining about a recent lack of activity and communication within the band, and openly calling for a reunion with original bassist Michael Anthony.

In a wide-ranging (and frankly, downright inspiring) interview with Rolling Stone that primarily documents his recent adventures living in Japan, Roth...

Jon Bon Jovi Fears for Reality Singing Show Contestants

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If you ask Jon Bon Jovi, the Grammys have gotten it right in recent years. The singer listed Adele and Mumford & Sons as bands with real talent, while adding that he worries about kids today and a perceived waning interest in good music.

"The young boy band thing has its place," Bon Jovi told British tabloid Star. "But you can't compare One Direction to the likes of Adele or...

Bon Jovi Release 'Because We Can' Video

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Bon Jovi have released a video for their track Because We Can. View it below.

The band are gearing up for a world tour including UK dates – which frontman Jon Bon Jovi has admitted leads to bouts of stage fright.

They're also preparing for the release of new album What About Now. Guitarist Richie Sambora recently told Billboard: "We've stripped it down and added some...

Steven Adler Has His Revenge on GNR

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Former Guns n'Roses drummer Steven Adler says the success of his new project is all the revenge he needs to take on his troubled past.

His band, Adler, recently released debut album Back From The Dead. He says the new music has led audiences to stop expecting him to perform a set of GnR classics, and call for more of his new material.

He tells Legendary Rock Interviews: "That...

KISS Mark 40th Anniversary

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Kiss have marked their 40th anniversary by thanking fans for their support through the decades – and frontman Paul Stanley has admitted he only wanted five years of success from the band.

They played their first-ever show on January 30, 1973, in a New York club, after Stanley and Gene Simmons decided to move on from previous band Wicked Lester. They were paid $50 for the appearance...

John Carabi 'Done' with Motley Crue Men

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Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi says he's "done" with trying to keep in contact with his ex bandmates.

He feels he's done everything he can to keep their friendship – and reveals the last straw came when drummer Tommy Lee blanked his son.

He's also offered a new account of how he came to leave the band, saying he'd felt out of place and unsupported for years before he...

Slayer Delayed by Producer Rick Rubin

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Slayer guitarist Kerry King says progress on his band's next album is being held up by producer Rick Rubin.

And he's hinted there may be doubts that Jeff Hanneman will contribute to recording sessions.

King's comments come after iconic deskman Rubin suffered a range of critical comments over the past year. In 2011 ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons said he was responsible for delays to the...

Vince Neil Shoots Down New Motley Crue Album Rumors

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There won't be new Motley Crue music coming in 2013, and there may never be another full-length album from the hard-rockers. Vince Neil says there may be an EP in the band's future, but 2014 is as early as that would surface.

"What I'm hearing is that maybe two or three or four more songs might come out to go with that song ('Sex') we released this year," he tells Music News Nashville...

David Lee Roth Posts New Remix for Van Halen's 'Jump'

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With Van Halen off the road and out of the studio, David Lee Roth has a lot more free time on his hands lately — and as a result, he's much more likely to treat his website visitors to things like the new 'Super Floor Whitenoize Remix' of Van Halen's 'Jump.'

The track, created by San Francisco-based DJ duo Whitenoize, was recently posted at

Jason Newsted Describes the 'Epiphany' that Revitalized His Solo Career

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Jason Newsted didn't exactly rush into a full-time solo career after leaving Metallica. In fact, as he revealed during a recent interview with Classic Rock Revisited, it took the group's 30th anniversary — and his brief reunion with his former bandmates during their all-star celebration shows — to remind him what music really meant to him.

"I went down and we started rocking and...

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