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If there is one radio program that Hair Band Rock highly recommends that you listen to each week, it is Radio Screamer hosted by David Castagno. The program broadcasts from Los Angeles every Wednesday from 2pm - 3pm PST. If you fail to catch the show during it's live streaming time, no worries because each program is saved on the Radio Screamer website as a podcast and can be accessed at your convenience. Take time to check out one of his great 80's Rock programs today!


About Radio Screamer and David Castagno
Radio Screamer is keeping 80s metal molten hot and shrapnel sharp in the 21st century. A one-hour music program hosted by David Castagno, Publisher/Editor of L.A.'s renowned Screamer Magazine, Radio Screamer showcases the music that defined an era, exploded into a cultural phenomenon, and has become a permanent part of the music scene.

The program features 80s and early 90s headbanging favorites and interviews with the bands that cranked them out. Listeners especially love Castagno's entertaining and impassioned personal stories describing firsthand experiences with the bands that rocked the 80s. His accounts of L.A.'s metal scene and lifestyle paint a vivid picture of a wild and exciting era when bands like Motley Crue, Poison and Warrant dominated the Sunset Strip.

Castagno's extensive music industry experience strongly contributes to the expertise, insight and enthusiasm he brings to Radio Screamer. Beginning his music career in 1981 as the lead singer for the L.A. metal band Screamer, Castagno's performances electrified the stages of numerous legendary clubs, including The Roxy, The Whisky and the now-defunct Gazzarri's.


During the late 80s and early 90s, Castagno displayed his talents as a successful promoter, booking sold-out concerts in L.A. and Hollywood with musicians from such major labels as Geffen, MCA, Atlantic and Chrysalis Records.

Castagno also made his mark as the publisher of the hard rock Screamer Magazine (1987-1994), which garnered worldwide recognition, and is still considered one of metal's premier magazines. He interviewed an abundance of the biggest acts in the business, worked personally with many of them and even enlisted some of them as regular columnists.

Radio Screamer is the loud and proud embodiment of the considerable knowledge and rich experiences Castagno has amassed through these many musical ventures. The sounds of power chords that catapulted adrenaline through blood streams, the interviews with performers who emboldened us with their non-conformity, and Castagno's own spellbinding personal stories of the 80s polish the metal of Radio Screamer to a high-chrome shine that listeners hunger for worldwide.

Check out one of David's Radio Screamer shows today but beware, you may become as addicted as we are at Hair Band Rock!

Courtesy of Hair Band Rock - 80's Rock and www.radioscreamer.com