80's Rock: Roxx Gang

roxx_gangRoxx Gang were a glam metal band formed in Largo, Florida in 1985.

They were fronted by Kevin Steele, who formed the band along with guitarist Eric Carrol. After going through several lineup changes, the band garnered record company attention in 1987 with their Love 'Em and Leave 'Em demo. The band recorded their debut album Things You've Never Done Before with their lineup now consisting of Steele, Jeff Taylor (guitar), Wade Hays (guitar), Roby "Strychnine" Strine (bass), and David James Blackshire (drums). It was produced by Beau Hill and went on to sell a quarter million copies worldwide. The band broke up in 1991 due to infighting and record company issues. Steele then formed a new version of the band, releasing several albums in the late '90s. This new line up featured Allen Brooks on bass guitar, Stacey Blades and Jeff Vitolo on guitars and Tommy Wedder on drums.

Courtesy of wikipedia.org and Hair Band Rock - 80's Rock

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