80's Rock: Vain

vainVain are a glam metal band formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1986, at the last wave of the Glam Metal era, and in a time when the city's main musical export was thrash metal slowly changing to Punk. The band were formed by vocalist Davy Vain, and were signed to Island Records in 1989 upon the release of their debut album No Respect that same year. The band also embarked on a European Tour in support of Skid Row.

In 1991, things were to take a turn for the worse for Vain, and it would be finances rather than grunge which claimed this glam metal casualty, as their label collapsed before the band could release their second studio album All Those Strangers.

West and Rickard left the band in late 1991. Guitarist Shawn Rorie and former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler joined the band, which was re-named Roadcrew. The band quickly fell apart due to Adler's drug habit(s), but many of the Roadcrew songs can be found on later Vain releases.


In 1993, the classic Vain lineup, minus Rickard, got back together to release Move On It, a Japan-only release. Louie Senor joined the band as its drummer for the album, and the band released Fade. Both albums showed maturity and growth from the debut, and were critically well-received.

Solo Careers
Guitarist Danny West released a solo album in 1995 called Taste the Sounds on Geron Records. The album was a Japan-only release. He also fronted a power pop band in the late 1990's called The Pimps of Venus.

In 2000 Davy Vain released a solo album called In From Out of Nowhere, and also found work as a record producer. He earlier helped produce the debut album of Death Angel in 1987. He later helped as an engineer on Christina Aguilera's Stripped Album.

In 2005 had something of a revival when Gott Discs re-released the band's first album No Respect worldwide in January of that year. The band also recorded a new album, entitled On the Line which received critical acclaim. A UK tour in 2005 proved immensely successful, and one show was awarded the maximum KKKKK rating by Steve Beebee from British metal magazine Kerrang!. The band toured again in 2006. In summer 2008 Vain will play at the 2nd annual 80's rock festival, Rocklahoma.

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